A Few Post-Thanksgiving/Pre-Holiday Season Thoughts On Food Waste

Most of the readers of this blog celebrated Thanksgiving this past weekend – at least the majority of us in the United States. I have faith that most of us shared grateful expressions for the riches in our lives – we are, after all, a community of people who support nonprofits and understand the … [Read more...]

Fundraising Tip: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Efforts

Fundraising Tip Donor tracking or fundraising management software for nonprofits comes in all shapes, sizes and costs but the one essential element is that it will keep you organized. What many people neglect to consider is that it will only keep the entered information organized. The more … [Read more...]

Green Tip of the Month: Reducing Impact During Your Vacation

Here are 6 easy tips to lower your environmental footprint while taking your next vacation. Check your car's tire pressure: Poorly inflated tires waste gas and cause more pollution. Change the filter in your furnace: Keep heating and cooling systems running efficiently – whether you are home … [Read more...]

Green Nonprofit Tip: Commuting

I admit that most days my commute involves walking up a couple of flights of stairs to my home office.  For the rest of you, consider these facts from the MassBike “Bicycling and Health” Fact Sheet before you consider how you will get to work tomorrow. A 15-minute bike ride to and from work five … [Read more...]

Tip of the month: Hooray for Nonprofit Consistency

Often, our articles focus on the areas that are lacking in a nonprofit. How to improve yourself How to strengthen staff development How to engage your board members in the development process How to get your campaign unstuck, etc. But don't forget to recognize your strengths. Why not … [Read more...]

Green Nonprofit Tip: Holidays at the Office

Whether you are bringing one gift for a secret exchange or gifts for all the support staff here are five easy tips to make your gift exchange a bit “greener.” Recycled giftwrap – I have used everything from comics to an old silk scarf as gift wrap.  A nice ribbon (recycled is best) can then make … [Read more...]

10 Year-End Fundraising Tips

Identify the 10-15 major donors who have yet to give in 2011, assign them to board members for solicitation. Identify 50-100 donors who have yet to give in 2011 and make face-to-face visits to ask them for increased year-end gifts. Don't let reluctant volunteers hold you back. Warm up your … [Read more...]

Green Nonprofit Tip: Water and Bottles

I’m not sure when my mindset changed from considering Poland Springs as a savior vs. the devil. Okay, maybe the devil is a bit strong, we all know there are times when buying bottled water seems like a necessity – but working in an office where drinkable water is accessible doesn’t seem to fit the … [Read more...]

Green Nonprofit Tip: Nonprofit Energy Consumption

There has been plenty of talk lately about rising energy prices.  A great way to save money and help reduce your organization’s environmental impact is by turning off non-essential equipment.  A shredder can easily be unplugged when not in use, but even printers, coffee machines and scanners can be … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Getting Organized This Fall

As I was looking at a recent school supply list, I saw the word organizer.  It occurred to me that this fall, my 3rd grade twins are not the only ones who should be considering some additional organization. I have been in my new home for two years and I now have a better idea of how I work in my … [Read more...]