Is it Worth Investing in Electronic Prospect Research Screening for Your Nonprofit?

When researching a prospective donor for an initial gift, or possibly an upgraded gift, many nonprofits stop and question, “Is it worth investing in electronic prospect research screening? Is it the path to the pot of gold? Or, is it too general to be helpful to your nonprofit (i.e. does it matter … [Read more...]

Prospect Research – Amazingly Informative or Just Too Creepy?

We offer prospect research screenings to our clients.  We think it is a good way to assess the potential of a nonprofit’s current donor base. But, when we describe the process to a committee, invariably, someone asks something like, “is prospect research to creepy for us to use?” I’m never quite … [Read more...]

Prospect Research: A Rundown of the Basics in 5 Steps

by Sarah Tedesco of Donorsearch Modern nonprofit fundraising is all about multi-channel marketing because organizations cannot rely on one or two strategies to sustain their needs. Rather, most nonprofits find success by combining a variety of offline and online strategies such as: Direct … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Recognize Major Gift Prospects in Your Donor Pool

A guest post by Sarah Tedesco, Executive Vice President of DonorSearch, a prospect research and wealth screening company that focuses on proven philanthropy. Let’s open here with a quote from a recent post on this very blog. In speaking about increasing the likelihood that a prospect will say … [Read more...]

Getting to Know Your Donors: Using & Understanding Prospect Research

Major Gifts - Beyond the Solicitation Series - Part 7 Donations initiate relationships, and these relationships benefit by knowing important details. With information publicly available more than ever before, understanding prospect research is becoming an increasingly significant tool for nonprofit … [Read more...]

Challenge – A Creative Use for Prospect Research

Last week I wrote, “Can Prospect Research Be Wrong?” about hospitals that are using prospect research in very creative but, potentially uncomfortable way, i.e., sending patient lists to a prospect research company for overnight screening. The challenge this week is – How could you use access to … [Read more...]

Can Prospect Research Be Wrong?

Recently as I was wandering the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Massachusetts Annual Philanthropy Day Conference in Boston, I stopped to speak with a prospect research company with whom I have worked on behalf of various clients. We have found them to have valuable research results, in … [Read more...]

How Clean Is Your Data?

If you are like most nonprofits, your Director of Development has turned over every 1 ½ years.  Among the chaos that this turnover leaves at the organization is mayhem in your development tracking systems.  Each new Director comes with lots of energy to incorporate their favorite tracking method, … [Read more...]

Everyone In The Office Is On the Development Team

This may be breaking news to your accounting staff, human resources, receptionists or even the cleaning crew, but they are all on the development team. Any time someone who works for your organization answers the phone, interacts with a donor or volunteer or prepares a space for an important meeting … [Read more...]

Prospect Research: The Overview

by Suzanne A. Shavelson To understand the impact of accurate prospect research, do the following exercise. Take out a piece of paper and make two columns, each with the name of one of your organization’s major donors with whom you are familiar.  Under each name, list any and all pertinent … [Read more...]