The Five Words That Really Excite Donors

Can you form a sentence—better still a question—with the five words that really excite donors? What are the words? How about: Increase Improve Reduce Save Gain Try this the next time you hear a prospective donor say, “I would love to make an increased gift in support of your … [Read more...]

Funding Tuition Through Planned Giving

Last month we recommended doing a favor for your donors and members who live on fixed incomes.  Imagine now how you can assist parents and/or grandparents who are concerned about tuition payments for the next generation.  Today you can offer a planned giving vehicle that can provide attractive … [Read more...]

Planned Giving in the Small Shop – A Checklist

It is challenging and rewarding to be the sole person responsible for the multi-faceted development program of a small nonprofit that seeks maximum diversity in revenue streams. However, in order for an organization to grow and attract gifts at higher levels, a planned giving program is … [Read more...]

Characteristics Of A Successful Planned Giving Program

A decade ago I met a donor who was eager to become a Founder of his synagogue on the occasion of a major campaign. But, there was no way that this devoted member, leader and past president, was going to be able to make the minimum gift of $100,000 in his lifetime. The most he thought he could … [Read more...]

Asking for Bequests

Getting Your Piece Of The Planned Giving Pie To start a planned giving effort, begin with the planned gift that is easiest to ask for and to deal with once made: the charitable bequest. The charitable bequest accounts for 70% of the gifts and dollars attributed to planned giving. In tact, according … [Read more...]

A Time for Planned Giving

We now live in the midst of a “new normal.” The current, unprecedented global economic roller-coaster and political uncertainty impact personal philanthropy. An additional component of the new normal—at least in America—is the increasing concentration of wealth being inherited as a result of the … [Read more...]