10 Ways To Make Your Executive Search Successful

10. Set a salary scale that is appropriate both to the job and to the market in which the executive search is being conducted. No one wants to overpay a candidate. But your pool of qualified applicants will diminish with each step down the ladder from the appropriate salary range. In many cases, you … [Read more...]

10 Pieces of Paper That Will Strengthen Your Nonprofit

Volunteer packet - Volunteers can be incredibly useful when it comes to ways to strengthen your nonprofit and incredibly time consuming.  Automate some of the systems by creating a packet for volunteers.  You can learn about their interests, explain your priorities and areas of need, and establish a … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Lessons from Beyoncé

This past weekend Super Bowl Sunday came and went with the usual conversation about the MVPs, the ads and my daughters’ favorite part - the halftime show. We, like many millions of viewers, watched the musical interlude, singing along with a couple of Coldplay songs, a Bruno Mars favorite with a … [Read more...]

Working in a Committee | Nonprofit Board Volunteering

,If you are involved in a nonprofit, as staff, board member or volunteer, you are probably working in a committee, or three.  And whether you spend your time on an executive committee, building committee, development committee or nominating/governance committee you are sitting with other people … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Getting Organized This Fall

As I was looking at a recent school supply list, I saw the word organizer.  It occurred to me that this fall, my 3rd grade twins are not the only ones who should be considering some additional organization. I have been in my new home for two years and I now have a better idea of how I work in my … [Read more...]

Contingency Plans

Recently, I was with an organization that was concerned about a budgetary deficit for 2009. They were confronting questions like, "What if we have fewer members this year?" And, "How will we handle our finances if we have to offer services to 10% more people with no additional funds in sight?" … [Read more...]

You’ve Got email by Jordana of Live Organized

So your desk is clear, your files are color-coded, and your emails are....? Just because your desktop is spotless and your files are neatly sorted, doesn't necessarily mean that your e-mail inbox follows suit. Take a minute and open your email inbox. What do you see? Are there hundreds of subject … [Read more...]

Q. What is the best way to involve board and staff in a collaborative strategic planning process?

A. It is essential to the success of any strategic planning process—in fact, any aspect of the organization’s endeavor—to have an effective partnership of lay leadership and staff. As strategic planning process is the opportunity to determine the direction of the agency for the next few years. And … [Read more...]

Planning The Plan

Redundancy jokes aside, do you have a plan for your plan? Whether you are about to embark on a strategic plan, a marketing plan or an operational plan, you will need to develop a clear path—towards a successful strategy that can be implemented. The basics of an overall design are the same, no … [Read more...]

Q. How do you keep the Board from micro-managing the Committees’ work?

A. A micro-managing board, whether focused on committee or staff work, is an all-too-frequent occurrence in the nonprofit sector, albeit, not in many well-functioning organizations. For committee members (or staff) to feel empowered, and to want to do a good job, they need the authority and … [Read more...]