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Should You Participate in Giving Tuesday?

When #GivingTuesday started in 2012, it was an innovative way for the world to show we were more than self-absorbed consumers. Since then, we have proven that we still like to overbuy on Black Friday whether in June or November. 

Yet, we can be generous on giving days throughout the year. But, even if your nonprofit has a Giving Day in April, should you participate in #GivingTuesday this year? 

Campaigns of One

Our clients know that we often talk about Campaigns of One. Each donor is a campaign unto themselves and needs an individual plan. (Of course, that is only possible for a certain percentage of your donors.)

#GivingTuesday is the exact opposite approach. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, we are hoping that sending emails and putting up a few social media posts will encourage everyone to give. 

If that sounds like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, it is. And often we counsel clients to use is as a day to Thank donors for all they have done throughout the year, instead of working hard to raise $750. But…

For some organizations #GivingTuesday works. Will it work for you? 

Let the data decide. 

Look at the past 2 years* of your #GivingTuesday results to assess:

  • What was the total amount given?
  • What was the average gift size?
  • Were there any incentives for donations in any of those years? 
  • How many donors did you have?
  • How many of those donors gave at another time throughout the year?
  • How many of those donors were first time donors?
  • What is the age range, mean, and mode? 
  • How many of those donors gave on #GivingTuesday for more than one year?
  • How many of those donors were the donors who support low-level asks throughout the year?

You may have other metrics that you want to consider, but this is a good starting place. This is to say that going back to the Campaigns of One, consider all of the details of the data before you decide. There may be donors that only give on that day. Or that your younger donors show up that day more than in December. Maybe you will discover that your $750 came from three donors who also gave at other times. 

Understanding your data is the key to knowing where to spend your time and energy. 

If you need help understanding your data and would like a tutorial, we are now offering a free 45-minute session on your database and your data. Email me to sign up. 

*Due to the Covid impact on fundraising in 2020 it is difficult to use that data to predict future giving. And the years before that can be helpful but most of us are in a different mindset since 2019 and have changed our giving patterns.