Can Nonprofits Turn Previous Failures Into Future Success?

Listen to any conference speaker, self-help guru or tech entrepreneur and you are sure to hear about their failures. Of course, they are speaking because they turned their failures into lessons that helped them succeed. Can you imagine going to a funder and telling them that you had to close down … [Read more...]

Assessing Your Nonprofit’s Donors and Prospects: Annual Fund Segmentation Strategies

Solicitation strategies start with assessing the current situation. Do you treat all your prospects and donors the same? Should you? You should have a development plan for all prospects and a stewardship plan for all donors. But, you should not plan on having the executive director meet with … [Read more...]

Technology, Email and Monthly Giving

Technology, Email and Monthly Giving: Part 8 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program Do you remember the quote, “For want of a nail…”? The line opens a bit of verse, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, that tells the tale of how even the most insignificant element can cost you the world.  For … [Read more...]

A Step-by-Step Plan to Ask for Monthly Gifts

Part 5 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program Last month, I outlined what you would require to launch a monthly giving program. This month, let’s focus on a step-by-step plan to make the ask for monthly gifts. Create a monthly giving launch letter/appeal It is now time to sit down and write … [Read more...]

What is Monthly Giving and Why It Matters

Part 2 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program As I wrote last month in the introduction to this series, six out of every ten donors will stop giving to your organization next year. This trend is going in the wrong direction. But you can retain more donors with the right strategy. The donors currently … [Read more...]