MJA Nonprofit Board Challenge: Bowling and Dice Rolling

Last week I asked whether you were a bowler or a dice roller.  (If you didn’t see the article, you can read it by clicking here) I gave an example of a board member meeting that went awry, but there are so many pieces of the development process that can be regarded in this way. For this week's … [Read more...]

MJA Nonprofit Challenge: Donations from Millenials

Last week, in the article, “Attracting Donations from Millenials,” I listed ways to encourage these up and coming gifts.  But, I want you to do more than go back and read the articles in that issue of the newsletter. I want you to put the ideas into action. For this week’s challenge, list 3 … [Read more...]

MJA Nonprofit Challenge: Maintaining Momentum

One of the stumbling blocks that many nonprofits encounter is starting a project, capital campaign or new program only to have it fizzle out.  There can be many causes for this including the loss of the lead cheerleader, fatigue, or lack of clarity.  But the end result is often the same – less … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Finding a New Perspective at Your Nonprofit

I have been running the same route in my neighborhood for the past year.  On a recent day I did something radical – I ran the route in the opposite direction.  If you are not a runner, this may seem like an obvious thing to do, but most of us find a path and follow it knowing we will get the mileage … [Read more...]

Mersky Jaffe & Associates Challenge: Donor Objections

In last week’s article, “Responding to Donor Objections,” I offered tips for handling some of the more common reasons people offer when they are not yet ready to give to your cause.  This week, I would like you to consider some issues that are specific to your organization. The challenge is to … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Presenting to One Donor or Twenty

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article that focused on presentation skills.  You can read it by clicking here. It occurred to me later that many people think these skills are best used for presenting to medium to large crowds.  The reality is a presentation to a single donor requires just as much skill, … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Tweaks to a Nonprofit

Often, nonprofit development professionals are focused on major changes within their organization.  Whether an impending capital campaign is the catalyst or a new staff member is encouraging a transformation, dramatic overhauls to systems can establish more professional standards and best … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Judging Your Nonprofit

Last week I posted 3 articles (see the links below) that questioned whether your nonprofit was being perceived in a planned way, or evolved in a haphazard and counterproductive fashion.  The articles, focused on judging your nonprofit, were brief in both their problems and solutions (trying to keep … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Exceeding Fundraising Goals

This month, I found the article, “Candy, Content and Competition – Why the UJA-Federation of New York Keeps Breaking Fundraising Records” an inspiration. It gleamed with ideas for engaging and encouraging donor involvement at all levels and I encourage you to read it with a fine tooth comb. For … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Thanks for Your Giving

I couldn’t resist a bad pun to start off this Thanksgiving week challenge. In the past, we have advocated many different ways to show thanks to your donors. This week’s challenge is to think of 3 ways to thank donors that your organization has yet to employ. If you are looking for ideas you can … [Read more...]