6 Do’s and Don’t’ s for Disrupting Your Nonprofit

Yesterday, I was looking at the website for my husband’s marketing firm (theamplifiergroup.com in case you need marketing advice) and we got into a long discussion about the word “disruptor.” For those who have worked in nonprofits too long or have had their heads in the sand, disruptor is what … [Read more...]

What Does The Demise of Ringling Bros. Have To Do With Your Nonprofit?

What is the difference between Netflix and Blockbuster? Cirque de Soleil and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baiiley Circus?  Amazon and Barnes & Noble? In all three cases, they started out with a very similar product, or at least a similar product offering.  Now, one is thriving and one is … [Read more...]

Common Strategic Plan Implementation Mistakes

My children do not go for a yearly doctor’s appointment. They, in fact go for annual wellness checkups. This idea that they are seeing a professional to ensure they are growing, developing and staying on a healthy path is a better message and a strong reminder of what is important. Nonprofits, on … [Read more...]

Is February Too Late To Start Year-End Fundraising?

During the last week in January, the Chronicle of Philanthropy posted an article about year-end fundraising. Article might be the wrong word, it was primarily a list of nonprofits that had successful year-end fundraising campaigns with an encouragement to consider planning yours now. These are, on … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Organizational and Development Assessment and Feasibility Study

Have you considered conducting a Nonprofit Organizational and Development Assessment or a feasibility study?  These essential in-depth examinations can be incredibly valuable to a nonprofit.  Why would you consider conducting a wellness snapshot of this magnitude? You might consider one of these … [Read more...]

Preventing Future Nonprofit Problems

Nonprofits tend to get complacent. Maybe we all do. But when we accept our situation as “the way it is,” we are doing more than missing opportunities, we may be causing future problems. What kind of future problems? Fundraising: You are making enough to cover your budget, so why worry? … [Read more...]

Institutional Knowledge

An executive that has a deep understanding of an organization and its donors can be good for an organization.  Unless, too much of the institutional knowledge resides only in his or her head – then it is scary. How do you know if your nonprofit falls into this category?  If the executive director … [Read more...]

What Does An Annual Fund Do – Besides Raise Money?

Lots. Annual Funds have many purposes besides raising money. It is often easy to get caught up in meeting your target numbers, but if you look beyond the dollar sign, you can often increase your bottom line. Contradictory? Not at all. It is the difference between development and … [Read more...]

Get Your Direct Mail Appeal Read

Ah, December.  If a donor has been considering giving to an organization, the tax benefits are often enough of a reason to give in December.  But, the donor may have been asked – in person and via mail – by many organizations.  The real question is, will you be front of mind when that impulse to … [Read more...]

You Have a New Mission and Vision – Now What?

There are many reasons to ensure your mission and vision are still relevant and supported within your organization. Here are a few: You are about to start a strategic planning process You have had a major change in staff or board leadership You are considering a capital campaign You want … [Read more...]