Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Most weeks we use this email to highlight how Mersky, Jaffe & Associates can help you and your nonprofit. Today, we would like to highlight ways that you can help us. Well, “us” in a "help the entire world way." Consider: 1.     Taking this short quiz from our partners at … [Read more...]

Green Tip of the Month: Reducing Impact During Your Vacation

Here are 6 easy tips to lower your environmental footprint while taking your next vacation. Check your car's tire pressure: Poorly inflated tires waste gas and cause more pollution. Change the filter in your furnace: Keep heating and cooling systems running efficiently – whether you are home … [Read more...]

Green Nonprofit Tip: Water and Bottles

I’m not sure when my mindset changed from considering Poland Springs as a savior vs. the devil. Okay, maybe the devil is a bit strong, we all know there are times when buying bottled water seems like a necessity – but working in an office where drinkable water is accessible doesn’t seem to fit the … [Read more...]

Green Nonprofit Tip: Nonprofit Energy Consumption

There has been plenty of talk lately about rising energy prices.  A great way to save money and help reduce your organization’s environmental impact is by turning off non-essential equipment.  A shredder can easily be unplugged when not in use, but even printers, coffee machines and scanners can be … [Read more...]