Dealing With Disruptive Board Member(s)

Two organizations with which we have been working have very similar concerns.  At each nonprofit, there is at least one board member who is disruptive to meetings. And both have leadership that want that to change. The Disruptive Board Member(s) Based on a board member’s personal approach—often … [Read more...]

A Guide to Powering Up your Board Member Recruitment

Let me start by saying that before you focus on board member recruitment, you need a standing committee on governance and leadership development. If you don't, read this or this first. OK, now we are on the same page and everyone understands the importance of a standing committee on governance … [Read more...]

This Year’s Top 10 MJA Articles

I am jumping on the December bandwagon and offering you this year's top 10 MJA articles in an easy to read list. This is based on your readership, but we know that not everyone can read our blog/newsletter each week. If I missed one that you felt was valuable, please let me know and I'll forward it … [Read more...]

Assessing the Current Makeup of Your Nonprofit Board

Last month, in our continuing series on strengthening your agency’s board and volunteer leadership, I outlined the specific responsibilities of the committee on governance and leadership development.  This month I will look at assessing the current makeup of your nonprofit board. Board Member … [Read more...]

Assuring the Best in Nonprofit Management: The Committee on Governance and Leadership Development

The single most important committee of a nonprofit organization’s board is its committee on governance and leadership development (whatever it may be called).  It is charged with identifying and successfully engaging the future leadership of the agency. Regrettably, in many nonprofits, about six … [Read more...]

A New Year…A New Chance for a Stronger Effective and Productive Nonprofit Board

Tonight—if you are reading this on January 3, 2012—begins the formal portion of the quadrennial, but, truly, never-ending quest for the Presidency of the United States. For the next ten-plus months, we will hear about leadership and its importance. Regardless of your politics, even if you are one … [Read more...]