Can Nonprofits Turn Previous Failures Into Future Success?

Listen to any conference speaker, self-help guru or tech entrepreneur and you are sure to hear about their failures. Of course, they are speaking because they turned their failures into lessons that helped them succeed. Can you imagine going to a funder and telling them that you had to close down … [Read more...]

The Key to Any Successful Fundraising Campaign

by Dr. Kerry M. Olitzky There is no obligatory giving Following World War II, as families moved out of urban centers and into the suburbs, they continued to support non-profit institutions, especially synagogues, out of a sense of obligation. Over the last decade, obligation diminished as a … [Read more...]

The Most Common Fundraising Mistakes …and How Not to Make Them

In the past, we have touched on overcoming anxieties when confronted with the opportunity to share the joy of giving with a prospective donor on a face-to-face basis. We are anxious, mostly because we are afraid that we will make a mistake. Think about that for a moment! What is the worst thing that … [Read more...]

4 Changes Your Nonprofit Can Make During the Presidential Transition

Today marks the inauguration of a new president.  Hate him or love him, he plans to make changes that will likely impact the economy – and nonprofits need to prepare for what’s coming? Of course, no one really knows.  The potential cabinet implies that business will do well with large tax … [Read more...]

Monthly Giving—How to Get Your Program Started

Part 3 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program Last month, in this series, I made the case for why monthly giving matters. You can read about it here. This month I want to focus upon the details of how a monthly giving program works. The basics seem easy enough to understand. You ask one of your … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Campaigns Help With Financial Management

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money… but also help with financial management Donors to capital campaigns are major investors in your organization. They deserve—as, in fact, do all donors—a high degree of accountability. They want to know, and you need to tell them, exactly how their … [Read more...]

Is There Enough Money to Go Around?

AKA - Can We Raise Money for Our Nonprofit? There are so many ways that this question is asked, but everyone in fundraising hears some form of it on a regular basis. Maybe you’ve heard something like this: “Should we hold off on our capital campaign? Organizations A & B are already … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Fundraising Best Practices: Is This A Good Time to Raise Money

Almost everywhere we go, prospective and current clients ask us, “Is this a good time to start a fundraising campaign?” Of course, everyone can make good use of more financial resources, but is now the time? Can you handle this type of endeavor with existing staff? Is the geopolitical situation … [Read more...]

Challenge: Annual Fund Participation

Every nonprofit organization would like to increase their annual fund.  But when thoughts turn toward an enhanced revenue achievement, the focus immediately shifts to major donors.  A strong, but often ignored, path is to increase participation. This is your Mersky, Jaffe & Associates … [Read more...]

What Does An Annual Fund Do – Besides Raise Money?

Lots. Annual Funds have many purposes besides raising money. It is often easy to get caught up in meeting your target numbers, but if you look beyond the dollar sign, you can often increase your bottom line. Contradictory? Not at all. It is the difference between development and … [Read more...]