7 Things To Do When Your Nonprofit’s Executive Director Gives Notice

Your Executive Director (or Development Director, COO, CFO, etc) just gave notice. What do you do? Panic! Or don’t. It may be scary to lose a valuable senior executive. But, you can use this opportunity to strengthen your nonprofit. Assess your situation. Whether you do this on your own or … [Read more...]

Afraid of Choosing the Wrong Executive Search Candidate? You Should Be.

Hiring a new executive director or other senior position? Most nonprofits assume it will be some work, but within their board/staff’s skills.  They believe they just have to follow some basics steps: create a job description post it on the major sites screen the candidates interview … [Read more...]

A Lesson for Nonprofit Boards and Executive Directors from Uber

The fact that Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, has resigned is a major headline this week.  The CEO, has been under fire for what the New York Times reported. “The company has been exposed this year as having a workplace culture that included sexual harassment and discrimination, and it has pushed the … [Read more...]

Analyzing your Nonprofit Before Your Next Hire

In this column, I have previously talked about organizational and development assessments as a tool to understand your development skills or prior to a capital campaign, but recently we have employed this type of assessment at the beginning of an executive search. Why? We use this tool when … [Read more...]

Why is Nonprofit Employee Turnover So High?

Development professionals are known for high turnover rates. Ironic considering the percentage of their job that they spend developing relationships. So what accounts for the constant change? Why is nonprofit employee turnover so high? And, what can you do about it? Turnover might not be the … [Read more...]

Changes in Nonprofit Executive Search

Recently, I have been helping find a candidate for one of our nonprofit executive search clients. While I don’t screen applicants, meet with candidates or interact with our client, there is still a lot to do for each executive search. And because it has been fifteen years since I last searched for a … [Read more...]

5 Essential Topics for Interviews at Nonprofits

Nonprofit Executive Search Tips As many of you know, we conduct executive searches for nonprofit organizations. Our goal is to find candidates who will help the agency achieve its goals and excel for years to come. If a candidate does not work out within the first year, we offer to find the … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Retain Fundraising and Development Staff and Reduce Turnover

Regular readers of my articles know that I am a firm believer that reducing turnover and focusing on how to retain fundraising and development staff is one of the best investments your nonprofit can make. The amount of money and time lost during a lame duck employee’s remaining tenure, interviewing … [Read more...]

Perfect Candidates

Executive search is like many other aspects of our society from painting the interior of your home to preparing, cooking and serving a five-course dinner. It’s not that amateurs cannot do it themselves, but without extensive experience, it will take longer, there will be more mistakes learning the … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching

If you’ve read the companion article, “Everyone in the Office Is on the Development Team,” then you are on your way to having your staff – from top to bottom – on the same page, articulating the same message. The next question to ask is whether your executive staff is properly trained to be managers … [Read more...]