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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Most weeks we use this email to highlight how Mersky, Jaffe & Associates can help you and your nonprofit. Today, we would like to highlight ways that you can help us. Well, “us” in a “help the entire world way.”


1.     Taking this short quiz from our partners at SurveyMonkey to test your knowledge about the best practices to build a healthier planet.

2.    How to make an environmental impact through Patagonia

3.    Viewing 50 dramatic photos of life on Earth from National Geographic (the 2nd one looks like so much like a painting I did a double take)

4.    Join “The World’s Largest Environmental Movement” at earthday.org

5.    Help Make Earth Day a National Holiday with a petition started by The North Face and supported by change.org, Outside Magazine, and Girl Scouts (among others)


Abigail Harmon
Development Associate/Creative Director

P.S I would love to know how you are celebrating Earth day. Reply to this email, find me on LinkedIn, or tag me @bullseye33 on Twitter