Can Prospect Research Be Wrong?

Recently as I was wandering the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Massachusetts Annual Philanthropy Day Conference in Boston, I stopped to speak with a prospect research company with whom I have worked on behalf of various clients. We have found them to have valuable research results, in … [Read more...]

Getting Organized Before The Ask

More than half the success in the engagement and solicitation of a major donor or funder is achieved before you meet with a prospect.  The “ask” should be the culmination of extensive research of and conversations about the donor.  This may be a few days’ work or a several years, but the methodology … [Read more...]

Q. My mid-sized nonprofit uses Excel to track donors. Is there a better way that doesn’t cost a lot?

A. There are many options that will cost you any where from nothing to thousands of dollars and all of them are better than using Excel, or any other kind of spreadsheet or database that is not designed expressly for the purpose of fundraising management. While we can counsel you on the differences … [Read more...]