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6 Last Minute Ways to Show Your Donors Love for Valentine’s Day

Show your donor love
  1. Take a picture of a recipient/member holding a heart. Email it with a note wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day and thanking them for showing your organization the love.
  2. Create an infographic with a few ways that their gift and love for your organization made an impact this year.
  3. Email Galantine’s Day cards to each female donor telling them how their friendship and support has impacted the organization.
  4. Email a list of your top 10 movies that you love and thought they might enjoy.
  5. Send a list of Valentine’s Day inspired cocktails they might appreciate as much as you appreciate their gifts.
  6. Email a video of your Executive Director to show your donors love and appreciation for the donor’s support.

This is just a starting point.

How will you use this holiday to show your donors love?