Creating a Meaningful Volunteer Experience – From HS to Retirement

Last week there was an article in the New York Times (an Op-Ed by Frank Bruni) titled, “To Get to Harvard, Go to Haiti?”  Through a conversation with a 17 year-old, followed up by interviews with admission officers, Bruni questions the impact of these week-long ‘mission trips’ to Central America and … [Read more...]

Temporarily Fixing Fiscal Year-End Deadlines at Nonprofits

I ran into a friend this morning who works at a development department for one of the local universities. When I asked her how she was, she said, “Stressed. I have until June 30th to reach out to 1,700 donors. I guess I won’t be sleeping much.” Whether the lack of sleep will be caused by working … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Model Fund Development

Creating A Culture of Asking Series If leadership is the conditio sine qua non for success in the nonprofit enterprise—as it is in any endeavor—then that leadership has to be committed to a program that is a model of best practice in fund development.  Only in this way will you be able to exceed … [Read more...]

What Donations Are You Missing?

Mid-sized and small organizations often say they want, no - they need - to raise more money. Any consultant worth her salt could probably find two or three lost opportunities. What Donations Are You Missing? Here are a few examples. Prospect Research Most nonprofits understand the significance … [Read more...]

Green Nonprofit Tip: Getting Ready For Summer: Green BBQs

What's better than an outdoor summer BBQ? Go Green by following these tips to reduce the chemical use, CO2 emissions, and trash associated with BBQs. Time For Dessert: You can reheat baked goods like pies on the barbeque rack after the barbeque is turned off. Close the lid and by the time you are … [Read more...]

How to Raise More Money in Economically Challenging Times

If you are an executive or volunteer leader of a nonprofit agency, you know that you are approaching that season of the year when you expect to receive maybe as much as 70% of your annual philanthropic revenue.  For some nonprofits, the last six weeks of the year brings in virtually all of their … [Read more...]

Q: How can one person cultivate, solicit and steward prospects and donors as well as run a series of major fundraising events?

A. We have received quite a few questions in our annual survey on this topic. Let’s face it, there are fewer people having to do more and more every day. The simple answer is time management and prioritization. The more complicated answer is that there is no way to meet, let alone exceed, all … [Read more...]

Q. Is It Possible To Have A Successful Fundraising Program With A Small Or Non-existent Budget?

A. Successful fundraising is not based on a ratio of money spent to money raised. Seeking experienced, long-term volunteers and enabling them to take charge of fundraising may cost you nothing more than the time it takes to train and supervise them. Unfortunately, even with a host of baby boomers … [Read more...]