Ensuring Your Direct Mail Gets Opened

While listening to Tom Ahern’s conversation in 100 Donors in 90 Days, he mentioned that he thought most donors who receive direct mail pieces are 70-80% for or against a potential donation before they read your letter. I decided to conduct a focus group on myself by considering recent pieces that I … [Read more...]

Do Your Donors Consider Themselves Members or Contributors?

For many organizations, membership comes with a defined set of benefits.  But if you consider last week’s challenge about keeping language inclusive (Challenge: Is Your Nonprofit Inclusive or Exclusive?), maybe you should be helping your contributors feel like members of your community – even if … [Read more...]

Get Your Direct Mail Appeal Read

Ah, December.  If a donor has been considering giving to an organization, the tax benefits are often enough of a reason to give in December.  But, the donor may have been asked – in person and via mail – by many organizations.  The real question is, will you be front of mind when that impulse to … [Read more...]

How Do I Tell a Donor What to Give?

Very carefully! Well, "tell" may be the wrong word, but you definitely can suggest what to give. High-level donors expect to be given details about the project, the monetary goals, and how the donor can make an impact with their donation. In fact, at every level, donors will often give more - and … [Read more...]