The Board’s Role in a Development Assessment

While it is true that you can download an Organizational and Development Assessment worksheet from our website, it is also true that the difference between a pdf and a nonprofit consultancy focusing on your organization are drastically different. When we are hired to do an Assessment – often in … [Read more...]

Q. What do I need to consider when fundraising during a recession?

A. Recently, my husband and I decided to sell our condominium. While it is tempting to use this forum for a sales pitch (MLS#: 70749691), the truth is that our place is ideal for first time buyers. The general consensus on first-time buyers in the current economic climate is that sellers need … [Read more...]

Avoiding Surprises

One of the more frequent questions about the development audit process is ‘when and how often should an organization consider undertaking this endeavor?’ The answer is at least every three years and always in conjunction with a strategic plan, particularly if a capital/endowment campaign is … [Read more...]

Does Your Organization Need A Development Audit?

A development audit, by nature, is a wellness check-up for your organization. It examines the strengths and weaknesses of a nonprofit’s development efforts as well as the opportunities and threats of the environment in which it seeks resources. By taking the time to do an assessment of your … [Read more...]

Do You Know Who Your Donors Are?

The CEO of Concord-Assabet Family and Adolescent Services wondered if he did. Was the organization doing all it could to raise money to expand the reach of its services? Were they asking the same small cadre of loyal supporters to do too much? Was it possible to identify and reach out to a broader … [Read more...]