Growing Monthly Giving

While driving from one meeting to another last week, I found myself entranced (but, not distracted) while listening to my local NPR station, WGBH in Boston.  It was not the latest news of the interminable election campaign nor was it a favorite piece of classical music. It was the Fall On-air and … [Read more...]

Technology, Email and Monthly Giving

Technology, Email and Monthly Giving: Part 8 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program Do you remember the quote, “For want of a nail…”? The line opens a bit of verse, often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, that tells the tale of how even the most insignificant element can cost you the world.  For … [Read more...]

Key Components of the Monthly Giving Ask

Part 7 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program It is now time to turn your attention to the actual solicitation of your best, most loyal donors to invite them to become monthly sustainers.  There are 7 key components of the monthly giving ask. Show your appreciationAlways begin your direct mail … [Read more...]

A Step-by-Step Plan to Ask for Monthly Gifts

Part 5 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program Last month, I outlined what you would require to launch a monthly giving program. This month, let’s focus on a step-by-step plan to make the ask for monthly gifts. Create a monthly giving launch letter/appeal It is now time to sit down and write … [Read more...]

What You Need to Launch a Monthly Giving Program

Part 4 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program The nonprofit world, as I have been telling you obsessively, is in crisis around the issue of donor retention. The numbers are bleak as I have pointed out recently which you can see by clicking here. But, as I have been working through this year’s … [Read more...]

Monthly Giving—How to Get Your Program Started

Part 3 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program Last month, in this series, I made the case for why monthly giving matters. You can read about it here. This month I want to focus upon the details of how a monthly giving program works. The basics seem easy enough to understand. You ask one of your … [Read more...]

What is Monthly Giving and Why It Matters

Part 2 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program As I wrote last month in the introduction to this series, six out of every ten donors will stop giving to your organization next year. This trend is going in the wrong direction. But you can retain more donors with the right strategy. The donors currently … [Read more...]

Creating a Monthly Giving Program: A Solution to Donor Retention and Financial Sustainability

Part 1 in Creating a Monthly Giving Program Last Saturday evening, we went out to dinner with friends with whom we went to college more than 50 years ago. One friend asked me if there was something new in fundraising. I wondered what she meant. She told me that they had made a modest—for … [Read more...]