The Correlation Between Hurricane Katrina and 9/11

Many of us have watched the news regarding the Gulf Coast with the hope that we, as a country, would pull together and bring aid to the devastated region. This compelling drive to provide the basic physical as well as spiritual needs to people is basic human nature. We've seen it in the responses to … [Read more...]

Q. Why should we consider hiring an executive search firm?

A. Primarily because it is very hard to find the right person for the job. Most organizations principal objection is the added cost, but these costs often pale in comparison to the opportunity costs of a vacant office in your development department as well as the real expense of staff and volunteers … [Read more...]

Q. I would love to work with MJA. Would you take a percentage of monies raised as compensation?

A. While this may seem like the perfect solution to paying a consultant, it is actually destructive for all involved. The primary goal of a consultant should match your goals, not his or her own short-term financial gain. We work with each of our … [Read more...]