Successful Capital Campaigns Not Only Raise Money But Also Help…

David A. Mersky imageThis past Wednesday night, as we in Boston were just burrowing out from almost two feet of snow, I met with the Board of a client organization and delivered to them the results of a feasibility study that we had conducted. We had met with sixty of their donors in forty-two face-to-face confidential interviews. We told them that they could raise $5.7 million for their capital/endowment campaign.

Then, we outlined how they might even raise more than twice that amount. All they had to do was:

  • create a standing committee on development;
  • invest themselves in a program of strategic and tactical one-on-one cultivation/stewardship for both annual and capital giving; and
  • make a whole-hearted commitment to the development agenda.

That, a wonderfully detailed, compelling case for support, and above all, a pervasively optimistic leadership team who do what they say they are going to do will enable successful capital campaigns that not only raise money but also help…

  1. leadership development
  2. talent management
  3. long-range planning
  4. major gifts management
  5. stewardship
  6. planned giving
  7. financial management
  8. marketing and communications
  9. annual fund
  10. donor retention
  11. new gifts acquisition
  12. create community

During the next twelve months I will explore with you how successful capital campaigns can enable you and your organization to achieve more than just the financial goal, but strengthen your agency for generations. Stay tuned.

Now, I have to go out and shovel the fresh eight inches we are in the midst of receiving.