Staff Development

Staff Development for nonprofits blackboardAs with leadership development for your volunteers, staff development helps you evaluate and enhance your human resources. An organization can often make dramatic changes in their strength and efficacy by focusing on internal staff, both new and seasoned. In addition to the personal and professional development attained from learning necessary skills to grow along with the increasing demands place upon your organization, this pronounced focus on your staff provides added value by showing your employees how fundamental you consider their participation in your team.

What will Mersky, Jaffe & Associates do to help your staff? We work with you to develop criteria for successful employees and revise position descriptions for each person. We assist you in developing a learning organization that will provide staff members with ongoing professional development. And, we work to improve management’s supervisory skills as well as provide tools to strengthen staff recruitment, retention and evaluation.

If you need to accelerate a new employee’s learning curve, revitalize current positions or show individuals how to grow within, you need MJA. Working with us will enable you to focus your team on the vision and organizational priorities that you have established. We will help you teach new skills so staff can not only improve their productivity but also derive greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from their work. This alone will enhance employee retention throughout your organization.

It is time to invest in staff development. The results will be contagious: your staff will be re-energized and will, in turn, revitalize your constituents so that your organization will be reinvigorated for years to come.