Solicitor Training

Nonprofit Solicitor Training blackboardYour staff and volunteers are your organization’s greatest assets. They care deeply about your organization and would do anything to further your mission. Just don’t ask them to solicit donations,  even though they themselves are donors.

Mersky, Jaffe & Associates provides hands-on, nonprofit solicitor training that teaches staff and volunteers to:

* overcome the anxiety of asking;
* learn to cultivate donors and steward these relationships;
* master the art of face-to-face engagement; and
* overcome donors’ objections and close ever larger gifts.

By teaching volunteers and staff to reinvent your organization’s story after listening to your donors, providing role-playing opportunities, and accompanying new solicitors, we can enable almost anyone to become comfortable making an ask.  We can give your solicitors the tools they need to increase the number and size of the gifts you receive. All within their comfort zone.

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