The Feasibility Study

Feasibility Studies blackboardTwo things can help determine the success of a campaign—an internal assessment of your organization’s readiness for a fundraising program and an evaluation of your constituency’s willingness and ability to support the effort -also known as a nonprofit feasibility study.

Internal readiness issues should be considered first, before testing your case for support with your stakeholders. Among the factors assessed in this phase of the nonprofit feasibility study are:

  • Is there a compelling case for support?
  • Is the Board supportive of the campaign plan?
  • Do the leadership and management of your organization have adequate experience in development and fundraising to ensure success?
  • Are there adequate staff resources—both professional and support?
  • Are there fundraising management systems in place?
  • Are there appropriate gift policies and procedures?

The next step is assessing the external readiness to conduct a campaign. The essential question to be answered by the nonprofit feasibility study is whether and to what degree the community will support the proposed campaign. The in-depth analysis which is the outcome of the study process helps institutions like yours determine reasonable fundraising goals; market your organization’s merits and contributions to those being interviewed; develop a workable plan for the campaign based on the study’s findings; and ensure the most successful fundraising program possible for your organization.

Through a series of individual, confidential, executive interviews, we accomplish those objectives and provide you with additional insights, such as your constituents’ concerns about your organization, in general, or the campaign, in particular.

When we interview, we meet with the men and women who can make or influence large gifts—the very people who will be instrumental in the success of your campaign. Then, working with the results of your study, we will develop a campaign goal, plan and timetable, as well as a professional and volunteer organizational structure that will help you achieve realistic, targeted fundraising objectives. The report of the study will also provide a table of gifts, a recommended dollar goal and a list of potential leaders for and major donors to your campaign.

Our approach to a feasibility study is “Not ‘If,’ But ‘How.'”

We are here to lead you through the process. All you have to do is initiate the call.