Campaign Management

Nonprofit Campaign Management blackboardWhether or not we have completed a feasibility study for your organization, we can provide you with a wide range of nonprofit campaign management services.

Mersky, Jaffe & Associates will:

  • develop fundraising strategies for your campaign as a whole as well as each individual donor;
  • systematize the process of identifying, cultivating, soliciting and recognizing major donors;
  • identify and develop leadership teams in each market segment;
  • provide guidance in the sequencing of solicitations and the composition of solicitation teams;
  • review naming opportunities;
  • train solicitors and help solicit, where appropriate;
  • conduct solicitation follow-up and debriefings with solicitors;
  • establish systems to maintain contact with donors and prospects;
  • help develop appropriate campaign materials;
  • prepare agenda materials and reports for campaign committee meetings and organizational leadership; and
  • work one-on-one with campaign leaders as well as attend campaign leadership team meetings.

Capital campaigns, endowment campaigns and annual fund enhancement programs:
each require a specific approach. However, for any kind of fundraising program, we work with you to develop strategies for the effort and create appropriate collateral materials that strengthen the process. Because we believe that any campaign rises and falls on the quality of its leadership, we help you identify, recruit and train leaders who will fulfill their responsibilities as advocates of your organization. We seek leaders who will do what they say they are going to do with a pervasive sense of optimism. In addition, we help you maintain the campaign calendar, strengthen your systems to monitor fundraising and work directly with campaign staff and volunteers to prepare for solicitations, committee meetings and generate reports for your organizational leadership.

A capital campaign and/or an endowment campaign have the advantage of being able to gather excitement and momentum fed by the excitement that often accompanies something new. But offering something new is never enough of an idea to gain the necessary financial funding. We work with our clients to show the community how their campaign will further the organization’s mission and teach the nonprofit how to leverage and transform this enthusiasm into increased support and participation.

We approach the annual fund as the essential foundation of an organization’s entire development effort. It is this base of support that allows donors to show their feelings through financial contributions that impact budgets more than almost any other factor. Annual campaigns cannot be replaced by a capital or endowment campaign, but should be strengthened by the extra energy and efforts utilized by other campaigns.

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