Presented by Abigail Harmon and David Mersky

2 of 5 in the Successful Synagogue Fundraising Webinar Series

Asking once a year for a gift to the synagogue is no longer a sustainable model in most congregations. If your Yom Kippur Appeal still worked, you wouldn’t be considering this webinar.

During, The Annual Fund–Not Just on Yom Kippur Anymore, we will examine Jewish Giving vs. Congregational Giving as well as a look at fundraising goals, strategies and tactics.

Let’s spend 50 minutes helping you step away from an once-a-year appeal and towards a plan for a year-round model to increase the total amount you raise each year as well as how to retain and upgrade those gifts from year to year.

Based upon the chapter in our recent book, Successful Synagogue Fundraising–Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Money, the focus is on:

  • Creating an annual fund year-round strategy including goals
  • How to talk about your annual fund so that members will want to participate
  • Measurements for success
  • Tactics to help you achieve your goals
  • Looking at how events fit into your year-round strategy
  • How face-to-face solicitations will strengthen your congregation
  • How your annual fund helps determine capital campaign readiness

Starting with the basics and moving onto the foundations of a stable annual fund, we will examine :

  • The difference between an once-a-year appeal and an annual fund?
  • What an effective annual fund looks like for a synagogue
  • Where to start
  • Goals for the first few years
  • How to ensure your congregational fundraising can continue to thrive with changes in clergy, staff and/or volunteer leadership
  • Infrastructure that should be in place

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