Based on the book, Successful Synagogue Fundraising, Abigail Harmon and David Mersky will offer a series of 5 webinars diving deeper into various sections.  You can sign up for each webinar for $44 or save $70 when you purchase the entire series for $150–which even comes with a copy of the book.

Abigail Harmon and David A. Mersky will record the webinars and send them to you so don’t worry if you’ve already missed one but still want to purchase the series.

If you would like to dramatically improve your synagogue’s annual fund, sign up for one by clicking on the name below or purchase the whole series.

Webinar 1: The Role of Clergy, Staff, and Volunteer Leadership in the Development Process
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Your congregation may have the people who can fundraise for your annual fund (or a capital campaign). This webinar is designed to help your clergy, staff and volunteers  know what they can or should do to help raise vitals funds for your community’s sustainability.  Learn how each part of your leadership will be essential to your strategy.

Webinar 2: The Annual Fund–Not Just on Yom Kippur Anymore
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Asking once a year for a gift to the synagogue is no longer a sustainable model in most congregations. Together we will examine Jewish Giving vs. Congregational Giving as well as a look at fundraising goals, strategies and tactics that will improve your annual fund for years to come.

Webinar 3: The Major Gift Engagement Plan for your Synagogue
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Do you need a formalized plan to secure major gifts? The fear of not achieving your fundraising goals is rooted in the absence of a plan.  This webinar will help you develop a clear a path forward.

Webinar 4: Creating the Strategy for Each Donor
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Each one of your members–whether you have 1,000 or 100–is a prospective donor for your annual fund. This webinar will focus on how to segment your membership/prospects and design strategies and tactics to effectively ask each family to contribute.

Webinar 5: Stewardship: The Path to Donor Retention
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Stewardship is what you do after a gift to ensure a satisfied donor as well a repeat donor. Continuing as a member of a congregation is not enough of a reason to continue to donate to the annual fund again and again. We will teach you why you should be stewarding your donors, how to steward your donors, and who should be charged with stewarding donors.