Presented by Abigail Harmon

Asking a prospective donor for $1,000,000, or even $10,000, can seem intimidating. You know why you love your nonprofit organization and why you need to raise money, but asking for a major gift feels different. Yet, it doesn’t have to. Your job, as a solicitor, is to help others join you in feeling good about giving to the organization.

You don’t get what you don’t ask for. If you are looking to improve your fundraising – during a capital campaign or during your annual appeal, you have to know who, what, when, where, why and how to ask.

You may be thinking, sure that’s easy for you to say, but there are ways to overcome your fears and feel confident that you will know how to handle any situation that comes up. And, learn how to turn your fear of rejection into a form of confidence.

During this webinar Abigail Harmon will help you learn the ways to reduce rejection including:

  • preparation strategies;
  • donor segmentation
  • practice techniques
  • understanding timing
  • seeing beyond “no”

Strong fundraising campaigns are not accidental. But, they are also not magic. Face-to- face solicitation is a skill that you can learn and use. You can help the nonprofit you love find the resources they need, the building they desire, and/or the endowment they crave.

Need another reason to sign up for this webinar? Consider what you could achieve if funding was not considered. Could you expand your mission? Would you strengthen your current programs?

Learn to:

  • look at the value of the individual donor over other grants
  • understand rejection and how to overcome your fears
  • increase your chances of success
  • develop strategies to include your entire development committee in your fundraising
  • consider what the prospective donor is really saying
  • prepare you for any and all asks

The cost for the webinar has been discounted due to some minor technical difficulties. It is now reduced to $34, but if you listen and decide that little things like the Abigail’s phone call getting dropped she had to call back in is too disturbing, let us know and we will issue a full refund.