Follow Up and Acknowledgements for #GivingTuesday Gifts

While the competition for #GivingTuesday gifts is fierce, there are a lot of people who decide to give their gifts on that day–especially if they want to promote their giving on social media channels.

Your job is to make giving as easy as possible, and then, follow up in a way that shows your nonprofit is a good investment. Here are a few follow up steps to consider incorporating into your next couple of weeks.

  1. Send an immediate email notification acknowledging the gift.
  2. Send a letter acknowledging the gift by Friday (this year it will be December 4th.) Add a personal note (ideally written by a board member) reflecting your answers to numbers 3 & 4.
  3. Check each name to determine whether this is a first time gift.
  4. Compare repeat gifts to previous years’ giving.
    a. If this is an increased gift, write a personal note thanking them for increasing their support this year on the bottom of the letter
    b. If this is the same gift as last year, write a personal note thanking them for continuing to support the organization that you both love.
    c. If this is a decreased gift, write a note thanking them for their continued support. Then, make sure they still receive a solicitation letter and follow up call in December. Make sure to acknowledge their recent gift and state that you hope they will match their gift from last year of $XXX.
  5. Include all names in a designated section of a January edition of your newsletter

And when #GivingTuesday is over?  Consider incorporating these ideas into your fundraising plan.  The more donors feel appreciated, the more likely they are to give again in the future.