Will You Help Solicit Gifts As A Volunteer?

Will you help solicit gifts as a volunteer?

Want a peek into an MJA feasibility study? One of the questions we ask during an interview is whether the individual/couple will help the nonprofit raise the funding for the project. It doesn’t feel like a make-or-break question at the time. But it is an indicator whether we think the campaign will succeed.

Willingness to give to the campaign is, obviously, important. But who will ask the 50 or 100 prospects for their gift? That means that getting volunteer solicitors is also essential. Staff can’t, and shouldn’t, do it all. Not to mention that when a volunteer steps up to solicit, it shows confidence in the plan and the nonprofit. And that often translates into a more meaningful gift from the solicitor.

How many people do you need to help solicit gifts as a volunteer?

Each campaign is different, but you hope the majority of interviewees in a feasibility study say “yes.” And some say “yes, but only in a limited capacity.” (Usually that means they want to solicit just a few people they know.)

We can help anyone solicit

I’m here to say anyone and everyone can solicit gifts as a volunteer. We can train the most fearful, nervous, and anxious. If a volunteer takes the first step to raise their hand, we can do all types of things to help them feel more comfortable in the role. We can:

  • practice each element of the solicitation until they know what to say
  • develop a personalized ask for each prospect
  • give them a document to rely on if they get stressed and forget what they wanted to speak about
  • match them as a second person on a solicitation until they feel comfortable taking the lead
  • help them manage objections they may hear
  • go with them on a solicitation
  • remind them that the funds raised do not personally benefit them, but achieve a world of good

Campaigns need you to help. So, I always ask, will you solicit gifts as a volunteer?

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