How to Avoid Staff Turnover

We are facing a crisis in the nonprofit world.  Staff turnover is rising to epidemic proportions.  A recent survey found that more than half of nonprofit staff, in general, and fundraisers, in particular, are planning to leave their jobs within the two years.  The average tenure of a nonprofit staff member is now less than 18 months.  In a recent article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy the writer noted that there is “anxiety and unhappiness” especially among fundraisers.  There is “too much pressure to meet unrealistic goals, coupled with too little pay and frustrating organizational cultures.”

Does your organization face such a crisis?  Would an employee Surveys and Performance Assessment help you answer these questions?

Do you even know what the staff of your nonprofit think about the management or the Board?

Does your staff suffer from burnout and exhaustion?

Does your staff feel appreciated and valued? 

Do you do exit interviews to learn about what motivates staff to leave?

How do you plan to answer those questions? 

By engaging with Mersky, Jaffe & Associates, we can help you develop sound employment practices geared toward attracting, training, retaining and rewarding employees.  To do this you need to have a clear understanding of the employees who serve your organization.  With a thoughtful, well-designed employee survey, you can glean a great deal of information about staff perceptions that you can use:

  • to improve the workplace
  • enhance productivity
  • improve morale
  • increase retention. 

By listening and learning from staff and acting upon what you realize, you will convey genuine appreciation for and validation of the most important assets of your organization—its people.

The best organizations—regardless of their size, whether as few as ten staff or as many as one hundred or more—

  • capture frequent, high-quality engagement data
  • gather actionable insights
  • empower managers to act
  • equip managers with data year-round

By adopting a culture of employee engagement through an Employee Surveys and Performance Assessment, you can reverse the trend of employee turnover and increase job satisfaction for all the staff.  With a disciplined, well-developed program of survey, focus groups and one-on-one interviews that Mersky, Jaffe & Associates can help you implement, you will

  • obtain 360 degree feedback and employee evaluation
  • create programs of career training and development to serve the individual as well as the organization
  • enhance the sense of inclusion and belonging among the staff
  • improve employee benefits and remuneration
  • provide opportunities for self-assessment
  • increase employee satisfaction with the organization

If you want to explore how to improve employee engagement and retention, call us at 1 (800) 361-8689.