Emailing donors? Think About Celebrating These End of Year Holidays

Every nonprofit is emailing donors in December. How could they not when a third to a half of all annual donations come in November and December. But when you are creating your email calendar (if you have not already) there are so many options.

Emailing donors? Celebrate creative holidays

Creativity can help you stand out. 

Consider all the holidays you have yet to celebrate — there are some extremely random ones that could be fun and engaging when emailing donors and prospects.

And the good news is there is at least one (if not more) for every day of the year like:

December 4 is “Santa’s List Day” — don’t forget to add a donation to Waltham Boys & Girls Club to your list!

 December 8 is:

  • “Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day” — See what this region looked like 50 years ago – You can help support the re-foresting of our area by donating $XXX today.
  • “National Brownie Day” — Chewy, corner piece, or extra chocolatey are only options if you can buy the ingredients or a box mix. But this year, with costs rising on everything, that box of Brownies might not make it into the cart. But our food bank can provide a sweet treat thanks to your support. Will you consider a gift of $XXX? 
  • “National Christmas Tree Day” — As you pick up your tree this year, consider the number of people who don’t have a place to put a tree. You can help families find stable housing and end the cycle of childhood homelessness. Your gift of $X,XXX will help transitioning families find a place to celebrate their holidays —this year and next.

December 18 is “Bake Cookies Day” — Even if you don’t bake, and don’t make holiday cookies, you can get into the giving spirit by donating to Camp Tel Noar. And if you do bake, feel free to drop some off at the Cohen Camps’ offices — we would love to say hi in the off season!

December 22 is “Fifth Night” —My colleague, Rachel Glazer, started an organization to help those celebrating Hanukkah use the 5th night as donation night — when instead of giving gifts to one another, families support the community. I’m trying to spread the word!

December 30 is “It’s Not Too Late to Donate Day” to Daily Table.

Ok, I made that last one up, but I do think you could be emailing donors to support it. And really, is it any more random than, “National Chocolate Covered Anything Day?” That is, of course, December 16th. If you were wondering.