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Is Executive Coaching A Good Investment?

Fundraisers talk a lot about donor retention. But, what about employee retention and how it impacts donors? Many nonprofits have a revolving door of development professionals. The average tenure of a fundraiser is less than 2 years. And the donor pays the price.… [Read more…]

Why Capacity Doesn’t Always = A Major Gift

There was an article in the Advice from Donors column in Chronicle of Philanthropy that popped up in an email. It is behind a paywall so for those of you don’t have a subscription, I will give you the gist. Tell a simple… [Read more…]


Should You Accept ANY and EVERY Donation? Why you need a Gift Acceptance Policy

By David A. Mersky A beloved member of the community died after a long illness. Her husband and her friends wanted to honor her memory with a fund that would sponsor professional development programs. They turned to the organization on whose board the… [Read more…]

My End-of-Year Fundraising Anxiety

Every time I sit down at my computer to work, I try to put away my anxiety about the world. But now, I have a different kind of stress. End-of-year fundraising anxiety. This year, for the first time in many years, I need… [Read more…]