The Tradeoff of Time vs Money in Fundraising – 7 Considerations

We all know the adage, time is money. Nonprofits often think volunteer time is better to spend than precious dollars. But is it really? The Tradeoff of Time vs Money in Fundraising Let’s say that you don’t want to spend money on a fundraising consultant for a capital campaign.  You believe you … [Read more...]

Capital Campaign Feasibility Study Results

The Nonprofit Leaders Guide for a Capital Campaign Volume 6: Feasibility Study Results The capital campaign feasibility results are in! (If you are unsure how we got to this point you can read the beginning of the series by clicking here). Does it show that you can have confidence in raising … [Read more...]

The Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Capital Campaign Volume 5: The Capital Campaign Feasibility Study When it comes to a capital campaign feasibility study, some people think it is an essential tool, and others think they are unnecessary, as “we know our donors and members, who will give and what will motivate them.”. Needless to … [Read more...]

The Feasibility Study Interviewee – The Confidentiality Clause

If you are considering a feasibility study for a capital campaign, you may wonder how much detailed information you will be able to learn about the individual interviewees. Unfortunately, the answer – if you are using a reputable consultant – is almost nothing. Well, nothing … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Development Assessment and Feasibility Study

Have you considered conducting a nonprofit development assessment or a feasibility study?  These essential in-depth examinations can be incredibly valuable to a nonprofit.  Why would you consider conducting a wellness snapshot of this magnitude? You might consider one of these efforts if you are … [Read more...]

Lessons From the Results of the Nonprofit Feasibility Study: A Case Study

Last summer, I helped conduct a feasibility study for a nonprofit.  The study was geared toward understanding whether this community was willing to invest in a new building, programmatic improvements and a much needed endowment fund.  We presented the results and the answers were mixed.  The … [Read more...]

Does Your Nonprofit Need A Feasibility Study?

Whether or not a nonprofit needs a feasibility study prior to a capital or endowment campaign is often a topic of discussion.  I have heard both schools of thought and I will try to outline both sides  for you. Does Your Nonprofit Need A Feasibility Study? Pros (Assuming you use a reliable … [Read more...]

The Board’s Role in a Development Assessment

While it is true that you can download an Organizational and Development Assessment worksheet from our website, (click here to start your download) it is also true that the difference between a pdf and a nonprofit consultancy focusing on your organization are drastically different. When we are hired … [Read more...]

Trust The Professionals

One of the aspects of our firm, Mersky, Jaffe & Associates, that has always interested me is the capability to accurately predict the amount of money an organization might raise. This is established through a combination of interviews as part of a detailed feasibility study, an understanding of … [Read more...]

How Small Gifts Add Up

Congregation Ohav Shalom was not, historically, a giving culture. Nevertheless, leadership realized the synagogue needed improvements and a small extension if they were going to continue to fulfill the community’s needs. Could they raise the necessary funds? Mersky, Jaffe & Associates was … [Read more...]