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5 Surprising Ways Endowment and Capital Campaigns Are Different in 2022

Sticker Shock is not just for gas pumps. In the past week I have seen 3 client’s jaws drop when they saw the estimated costs of their building renovation plans. Supply chain issues, lack of workers, and rising demand are causing pricing –… [Read more…]

Strong Leaders Help You Fundraise During a Pandemic

A Tale of Two Case Studies – Part 1* The pandemic has changed fundraising and development for 2020 (and, perhaps, beyond). Most annual, capital and endowment campaigns have been halted. We have developed a love/hate relationship with Zoom. And, fear has so profoundly infected nonprofits that many may not recover. But what hasn’t changed? Strong leaders are still essential and can help… [Read more…]

The Tradeoff of Time vs Money in Fundraising – 7 Considerations

We all know the adage, time is money. Nonprofits often think volunteer time is better to spend than precious dollars. But is it really? And in the time of the pandemic, is there more time or less? The Tradeoff of Time vs Money… [Read more…]