100 New Donors For Your Nonprofit In 90 Days. Really.

David Mersky has been working with Marc A. Pitman, The Fundraising Coach, and 10 other fundraising professionals on an exciting tool to help you get 100 new donors in 90 days.

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Each of the dozen top fundraising experts from around the world, were asked for one or two incredibly practical ways you could add a dozen new donors each week. They recorded these conversations. And then each expert created an action guide to help you put their ideas into practice during the week. Some of them are so step-by-step you hardly have to think about what to do!

In addition to being able to listen to conversations with David and Marc, they interviewed:

100 donors in 90 days - ipod image

  • Tom Ahern
  • Ken Burnett
  • Amy Eisentstein
  • Gail Perry
  • John Haydon
  • Pamela Grow
  • Mazarine Treyz
  • Andrea Kihlstedt
  • Shanon Doolittle
  • and Kerri Tilby

Each week after you buy 100 Donors in 90 Days, you’ll hear an invigorating conversation with one of the experts. They’ll share a couple really easy things you can do to find new donors. These recordings become yours. You can keep going back to listen to them over and over again.

Of course, listening is only the first step.  Acting on the conversations is the only way to achieve your goals. Each week you will also receive one action guide. These action guides will fill out the steps talked about in the conversation, provide links, and help you find at least 100 new donors in the next 90 days!

Until Sept. 28th, you’ll save 25% off the regular price of $199. That means you’ll save $50 and get “100 Donors in 90 Days” for only $149.

So, for just $149  you’ll get:

    • 12 expert interviews
    • 12 step-by-step Action Guides
    • 10 videos to help you steward donors
    • 10 videos to help you thrive in a down economy
    • 10 videos to help you and your board members to make the ask
    • 44 videos to help you find and steward donors – on 3 DVDs
    • Instant access to the online version of “100 Donors in 90 Days” – start listening to the interviews and using the action guides immediately after you place your order.

12 weeks of practical, easy to follow tips and techniques are just a click away.  Really.


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