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Fundraisers, Start Your Engines

Over the past several months, we have spent a great deal of time talking about how best to identify, recruit, engage, onboard, develop, and retain professional leadership for your organization. Now, those leaders must begin thinking about raising money for the operation of your… [Read more…]

Do You Need an Endowment?

Imagine for a minute, that you knew you could  This is not just the daydreaming of a nonprofit executive. This is the reality of an organization with a substantial endowment. And it could be your reality too.  Endowments take time to build The… [Read more…]

Questions to Help Land Your Dream Job

Our clients are employers — organizations that are looking to hire people. For the most part, the articles I have written in the past year have been to strengthen their process and procedures. But that does not mean we are not concerned about… [Read more…]