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Do You Need an Endowment?

Imagine for a minute, that you knew you could  This is not just the daydreaming of a nonprofit executive. This is the reality of an organization with a substantial endowment. And it could be your reality too.  Endowments take time to build The… [Read more…]

Questions to Help Land Your Dream Job

Our clients are employers — organizations that are looking to hire people. For the most part, the articles I have written in the past year have been to strengthen their process and procedures. But that does not mean we are not concerned about… [Read more…]

10 Tried and True Fundraising Tips

When I look back, last week’s eclipse was one part rare astronomical event and one part major hype. I was in DC where it was 87% totality with minimal clouds. I had my glasses and thought it was pretty cool to watch the moon… [Read more…]