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10 Tried and True Fundraising Tips

When I look back, last week’s eclipse was one part rare astronomical event and one part major hype. I was in DC where it was 87% totality with minimal clouds. I had my glasses and thought it was pretty cool to watch the moon… [Read more…]

Give Your Current Employees the Care and Attention They Need and Deserve

In real estate, you hear talk about whether we are in a “buyer’s” or a “seller’s” market. In a buyer’s market, there is excess inventory. This gives buyers the upper hand. In a seller’s market, it is the opposite. There are not enough homes,… [Read more…]

The 4 Levels of Prospect Research

First things first. At MJA, we start 95% of our engagements with a prospect research screen. This is not our only diagnostic tool, but for today, let’s focus on understanding the people in your database. And getting to know who your donors are, their estimated capacity, and… [Read more…]