Achieve Your Vision With A Strategic Planning Process

In the past week, I have spoken with two organizations who have realized they need a new strategy to accomplish their vision.  They both have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve - growth in one case and an increased endowment to supplement annual spending in the other. But, each came … [Read more...]

10 Pieces of Paper That Will Strengthen Your Nonprofit

Volunteer packet - Volunteers can be incredibly useful when it comes to ways to strengthen your nonprofit and incredibly time consuming.  Automate some of the systems by creating a packet for volunteers.  You can learn about their interests, explain your priorities and areas of need, and establish a … [Read more...]

Common Strategic Plan Implementation Mistakes

My children do not go for a yearly doctor’s appointment. They, in fact go for annual wellness checkups. This idea that they are seeing a professional to ensure they are growing, developing and staying on a healthy path is a better message and a strong reminder of what is important. Nonprofits, on … [Read more...]

Contingency Plans

Recently, I was with an organization that was concerned about a budgetary deficit for 2009. They were confronting questions like, "What if we have fewer members this year?" And, "How will we handle our finances if we have to offer services to 10% more people with no additional funds in sight?" … [Read more...]

Q. What do I need to consider when fundraising during a recession?

A. Recently, my husband and I decided to sell our condominium. While it is tempting to use this forum for a sales pitch (MLS#: 70749691), the truth is that our place is ideal for first time buyers. The general consensus on first-time buyers in the current economic climate is that sellers need … [Read more...]

Frustration vs. Focus

A CASE STUDY OF THE RETREAT What? Are you kidding? We can’t do that! Spend money on an executive search firm? The Retreat, an organization that provides shelter and support to victims of family violence on the East End of Long Island, was grappling with this all too familiar dilemma. But … [Read more...]

Proper Planning Promotes Possible Positive Performance

Nonprofit Strategic Planning Strategic Planning = effort. Does that sum up your feelings on the subject? For most people, procrastination to avoid that imagined mountain of work is the main reason they do not plan ahead. Want more reasons not to add strategic planning into this month’s … [Read more...]