Meaningful Major Gift: From The Heart And The Wallet

Anyone who has sat in a room rating prospects for an upcoming capital campaign knows that it is hard to determine the right number for the ask. We can guess what a person is worth, determine what they have given to other organizations, examine their relationship with the organization and estimate … [Read more...]

Growing Monthly Giving

While driving from one meeting to another last week, I found myself entranced (but, not distracted) while listening to my local NPR station, WGBH in Boston.  It was not the latest news of the interminable election campaign nor was it a favorite piece of classical music. It was the Fall on-air and … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Campaigns Help With Donor Stewardship

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money…but also help with donor stewardship I had a call last week from the relatively new CEO of a nonprofit advocacy agency whom we placed in the position about 8 months ago. She called to discuss a problem she had encountered. She was having dinner … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Stewardship – A Year in the Making

The Donor Retention Project - Week 12 This is the last in my series on my learnings from the Donor Retention Project. We return to the essentials of nonprofit stewardship, this time with Dan Blakemore. The importance of stewardship came to him a few years back when he joined a nonprofit that was in … [Read more...]

The Nonprofit Thank-a-thon

As a board member and fundraising committee representative, I was recently asked to explain a nonprofit thank-a-thon at a board meeting.  To me, it seems kind of obvious.  But I live in the development world. What it is Put simply, a nonprofit thank-a-thon offers board members a way to thank … [Read more...]

Let Your Donors Tell You Their Preferences: Donor Centric Strategy

The Donor Retention Project - Week 8: Donor Centric Strategy Sitting down to listen to week 8 of The Donor Retention Project, surprised me. The focus was on surveys – not usually something that raises eyebrows. In fact, I was thinking that this might be a stretch for donor retention, but I was … [Read more...]

Successful Major Gifts Moves Management – What is Moves Management?

Major Gifts - Beyond the Solicitation Series - Part 8 You have identified a potential major donor from among your most faithful contributors. She has made an annual gift every year for the last 12 years and in the last three years she has steadily increased her giving from $25 to $250. You called … [Read more...]

Donors Want To Be Thanked Promptly (& Other Donor Retention Strategies)

The Donor Retention Project - Week 4 This week, The Donor Retention Project, offered a conversation and action guide with Roger Craver of DonorVoice (as well as serving as the editor of The Agitator). And his research on donor retention strategies is fascinating. Through DonorVoice, he conducted a … [Read more...]

Attracting Donations from Millenials

A few weeks ago there was an article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy titled, “75% of Young Donors Turned Off by Out-of-Date Web Sites.” Interestingly enough, this generation of twenty- and thirty-somethings want to see the same things that everyone wants to see: success stories, good news about the … [Read more...]

You Are Not The First Person To Ask That Donor for Money

Major donors for nonprofits come in many different shapes and sizes (read: interests and dollar amounts).  But one thing they all have in common, is that they are all asked for money on a regular basis.  And yet, solicitors “feel bad” about asking them for a donation. How often are you asked for … [Read more...]