The Appeal vs. The Annual fund

Do you consider your annual appeal your annual fund? Before we get into the substance of the article, you should note that while the example given is for a synagogue, the same case could be made for the fundraising plans at any kind of membership-based organization that have ad-hoc appeals … [Read more...]

Developing A Strategic Solicitation Strategy

You know that you are about to embark on a campaign that will change the way people view your organization. And, when you are successful, it will enable you and your agency to do things that advance your mission and achieve your vision. But, do you have an individualized plan for each … [Read more...]

How Do I Tell a Donor What to Give?

Very carefully! Well, "tell" may be the wrong word, but you definitely can suggest what to give. High-level donors expect to be given details about the project, the monetary goals, and how the donor can make an impact with their donation. In fact, at every level, donors will often give more - and … [Read more...]

Q. How do we increase our donor base?

A. Donors are not easy to come by but there are some ways to find people that would be interested in your cause enough to help support it. ask your donors if they know of 5 people you could talk to start with members who avail themselves of your services but do not yet … [Read more...]

Preparing for the Successful Major Gifts Solicitation

When Mickey Rooney as Andy Hardy turned to Judy Garland and the gang and said, “Hey, kids, let’s put on a show,” he was in the mainstream of American fundraising. Anytime an organization confronts the need to raise funds--whether for the Annual Fund or … [Read more...]