Should You Be Following Fundraising Trends?

Over the weekend I listened to a podcast on Chinese cooking from America’s Test Kitchen Radio (this may seem off topic but stick around and I will make the connection). After I heard from Fuchsia Dunlop, author of “Every Grain of Rice,” I decided I should go out and purchase this almost vegetarian … [Read more...]

You Have a New Mission and Vision – Now What?

There are many reasons to ensure your mission and vision are still relevant and supported within your organization. Here are a few: You are about to start a strategic planning process You have had a major change in staff or board leadership You are considering a capital campaign You want … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Getting Organized This Fall

As I was looking at a recent school supply list, I saw the word organizer.  It occurred to me that this fall, my 3rd grade twins are not the only ones who should be considering some additional organization. I have been in my new home for two years and I now have a better idea of how I work in my … [Read more...]

In My Opinion… There Are Too Many Nonprofits

For some time, I have had the notion that there are, simply put, too many nonprofits. This may seem like a strange statement to be made from a consultant whose income is derived from nonprofits searching for funding and new executive leadership, but I will stand by my guns and repeat – there are too … [Read more...]

Q. How do we do fundraising without too much exertion?

A. At first look, this question is the epitome of stereotypical American culture. So much so, that I almost took it as a joke and deleted it. And then, I decided that if it was intended to be heard with a bit of sarcasm, it was too common a question and deserved an answer. Sometimes it is stated … [Read more...]

Q. What is the value of a formal, quadrennial, strategic planning process?

A. To put it simply there are concrete benefits to creating a plan. Why? 1 - Creating a plan will engage your board, lay leadership and staff to settle on goals for the next few years. 2 - If you are in an organization where there is an abundance of ideas of what should/could be done but lack … [Read more...]

Q. What is the most common reason that well-intentioned fundraising efforts get derailed?

A. While there can be an array of specific reasons, our experience is that it can all be summed up in two words: execution and leadership. Fundraising consultants like Mersky, Jaffe & Associates are hired to help you through the process. We can teach you best practices, advise you how to … [Read more...]

Knowing What Your Donors Want

Last week’s issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy had a thought-provoking article on how public-television has altered their donor strategy.  They are shifting on-air pledge drives to a lower priority position in their overall campaign and considerably raising the priority of individual major … [Read more...]

Tsunami Relief

Match the average percentage of Tsunami relief effort donations raised online by each of the organizations listed below: 1. 31%                          A. CARE USA 2. 40%                          B. Oxfam America 3. 80%                          C. … [Read more...]