Are You Ready To Start A Planned Giving Program?

If your answer is yes, do you know what it takes to develop and run a planned giving program? Do you think this is the time to take on something new?  Not just the idea that you will make it work.  Particularly something where you might not see revenue for ten, twenty or thirty years?  As with … [Read more...]

Interest Rates and Fixed Incomes

One of the ways to market planned giving is through consistent, coherent communications that appear in your newsletter.  The idea is to stimulate an idea in someone’s mind so that they raise their hand and say, “I would like to know more about how I can save taxes, increase my income and alleviate … [Read more...]

Q. Can you give me more information on planned giving?

A. Bequests, Endowment Gifts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, deferred charitable gift annuities, charitable gift of securities, real estate, life insurance, retirement plans, charitable remainder trusts, living/revocable trusts, Totten Trust, or donor advised funds (more … [Read more...]