Q. What is a board retreat? And, what would a typical agenda for one look like?

A. Well-organized board retreats are extremely valuable if not essential to nonprofit organizations. In general, they offer boards the opportunity to focus more in-depth on topics without the need to address monthly or quarterly business. It also provides an opportunity for members of the board and … [Read more...]

What Does Your Office Say About You — by Cristin Lind

You can rest assured that looking organized (i.e. perfect) and being organized isn't the same thing. But for better or worse, our colleagues, managers, staff, and clients draw conclusions about us when they look at our work spaces. By the time many of my clients contact me, they're not concerned … [Read more...]

Is Your Development Staff “Billable”?

Being billable is not usually a way in which people speak of nonprofits or their staff. We do not account for our time in hours or fractions of hours and “charge” the time to different accounts. But what if this typically for-profit methodology would help … [Read more...]