MJA Challenge: Capital Campaign Optimism

Last week I gave reasons why “Keeping Optimistic During a Capital Campaign” is essential.  This week, I challenge you to consider what aspects of your campaign, or organization, are exposing underlying negativity that needs to be countered before it becomes problematic for the organization (i.e. … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Overcoming Distractions

Lately I have read, seen and heard a lot about efficiency at the office and various secrets to overcoming distractions. Maybe I am just seeing these ideas because I often work from home and like to remind myself of these gems, or maybe it is a hot topic that a lot of people are discussing. Or maybe … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Fundraising skills

This week’s challenge is actually pulled from a recent article on fundraising skills (click here to read it). Fundraising Skills Challenge: List 3 ways in which you can improve donor loyalty this fall. Then, describe how you can follow through and who, if anyone, will need to be engaged to … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Reengaging Lapsed Donors

Last week I presented a piece that reflected on Gail Perry’s conversation of Week 2 in 100 Donors in 90 Days.   Her main subject is the importance of renewing lapsed donors as well as suggestions on how to go about engaging other low hanging donors. Your challenge this week is to determine how … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Finding New Donors

While, it is true that stewardship is a major part of a development professional’s list of responsibilities, finding new donors to steward should never be forgotten.  This month’s challenge is: List 3 ways in which you can bring new donors to your organization.  Include a list of staff hours it … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Is Your Nonprofit Inclusive or Exclusive?

Someone recently gave me a copy of “Building a Successful Volunteer Culture – Finding Meaning in Service in the Jewish Community.” (You can view the book at http://www.jewishlights.com/) Since a portion of our clients are religious-based organizations, I thought I would skim it to see what gems I … [Read more...]

Challenge: Overcoming a Stalled Campaign

Last week I wrote a piece titled, “A New Year – A New Campaign Strategy.”  It spoke to those whose campaigns have stalled for any number of reasons.  But, even if you are in the midst of a capital or endowment campaign that is continuing to move along at a decent pace, you know that there are times … [Read more...]

Challenge – A Creative Use for Prospect Research

Last week I wrote, “Can Prospect Research Be Wrong?” about hospitals that are using prospect research in very creative but, potentially uncomfortable way, i.e., sending patient lists to a prospect research company for overnight screening. The challenge this week is – How could you use access to … [Read more...]

Challenge: Improve Your Work

If personal growth is essential to contentment then I would extrapolate that development of your work skills enhances work-place contentment. However, most of us get caught up in the day-to-day of our jobs and do not look to do anything beyond the norm. Your challenge of the month is to do … [Read more...]

Challenge: Board Development

Finding new board members is always a challenge.  Best practices say that instead of an ad hoc nominating committee that meets a month before the annual meeting, you have a year-round committee on governance and leadership development constantly identifying, engaging and educating new leaders.  But … [Read more...]