Identifying Potential Board Members for Your Nonprofit

Last month, in our continuing series on strengthening your agency’s board and volunteer leadership, I detailed the basic responsibilities of a board member and outlined how to begin “Assessing the Current Makeup of Your Nonprofit Board.” This month, I will focus on the ways in which you might … [Read more...]

Tip of the month: Hooray for Nonprofit Consistency

Often, our articles focus on the areas that are lacking in a nonprofit. How to improve yourself How to strengthen staff development How to engage your board members in the development process How to get your campaign unstuck, etc. But don't forget to recognize your strengths. Why not … [Read more...]

A New Year – A New Campaign Strategy

Sometimes, after the quiet phase is over and the initial excitement of a new campaign has passed, organizations realize their campaign is no longer moving forward.  It happens slowly, and then, all of a sudden you realize there has not been a new gift in more than a month, fewer people are showing … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching: Executive Presence When Hiring From Within

Nonprofits often promote from within which is commendable in many ways.   With hopes that the candidate will grow into the position, weaknesses are overlooked to enable quicker transition time, relationship retention and improved morale.  But when things settle, many of these newly promoted … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Executive Director Skills

Two weeks ago we challenged you to look at your skills and knowledge to consider what areas were in need of improvement.  But what if you are unsure what areas you should consider. In other words, do you know what you don’t know? Well consider these areas for one of the more commonly held … [Read more...]

Management vs. Leadership

We’ve written articles on the difference of annual funds vs the annual appeal and fundraising vs development.  Now it is time to consider the difference between leadership and management. What is the difference? Management takes care of the nonprofit’s resources (financial, human, physical, … [Read more...]

What’s the Name of Your Leadership Style?

In the past week I have had three different friends recount bad manager stories.  The similarities were striking considering the businesses were drastically different in size, scope and non-profit/for-profit status.  Each friend has a boss that is fickle when making decisions, often caused by a … [Read more...]

Challenge: Improve Your Work

If personal growth is essential to contentment then I would extrapolate that development of your work skills enhances work-place contentment. However, most of us get caught up in the day-to-day of our jobs and do not look to do anything beyond the norm. Your challenge of the month is to do … [Read more...]

Ways For Nonprofit Staff To Use Committees

Utilizing a committee in a useful but not over-reaching manner is not always easy.  Here are a few reminders about what is and is not an appropriate path. A committee should have a clear, written charge. The committee leader can speak for his or her role in the committee – but not the … [Read more...]

Institutional Knowledge

An executive that has a deep understanding of an organization and its donors can be good for an organization.  Unless, too much of the institutional knowledge resides only in his or her head – then it is scary. How do you know if your nonprofit falls into this category?  If the executive director … [Read more...]