What Makes a Successful Fundraising Campaign?

Recently, a prospective client asked whether we thought that they had the resources for a successful fundraising campaign. They were questioning whether their staff had time to dedicate to a new fundraising initiative, their current database could manage the new data, and whether they would have … [Read more...]

Would a Staff Member’s Sabbatical Revitalize Your Nonprofit?

I just read an interesting piece in the New York Times, “When Being Unproductive Saves a Career.” It focused on how a sabbatical could revitalize your nonprofit, among the highlights were the twenty years of data to prove: Sabbaticals help retain staff ("One recent study found that 34 percent … [Read more...]

Getting Ready for the New Year

On the first day of the New Year, I found a few things that gave me pause for thought as I clear the decks and begin getting ready for the New Year. At the end of the year, most organizations judge their success by one question: Did we meet our budget goal?But growing future giving means … [Read more...]

Strengthening Your Board, Staff and Clergy

This past week I presented at the NATA conference with David A. Mersky and Rachel M. Woda. We knew there were interesting competing sessions, so we were pleasantly surprised with the strong turnout.  I’d like to think this was based on the presenters and the firm’s reputation but I’m sure a lot of … [Read more...]

Board Leadership – A Burden or a Blessing?

by Rachel M. Woda During a recent conversation with a friend Sam, he mentioned that he had been asked to join a non-profit board. I began to congratulate him when he started to say “They promised me it would only be a few meetings a year and wouldn’t take too much of my time, so that’s good.” I … [Read more...]

Who Is A Better Nonprofit Leader? The Strategic Thinker Or Worker Bee?

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. But at times I think leadership - especially fundraising volunteer leadership comes in two stereotypes so I will pose the question, who is a better nonprofit leader?  The Strategic Thinker or the Worker Bee? The Worker Bee is always in attendance at … [Read more...]

Successful Capital Vampaigns Enhance Nonprofit Leadership Development

Successful capital campaigns not only raise money but also help...enhance nonprofit leadership development A friend—the executive director of a wonderful residential camp—called me to invite me for lunch recently. I am always happy to see her and welcomed the opportunity to reconnect. We had … [Read more...]

Outgrowing Your Facilities And Other Good Nonprofit Problems

We are currently helping a nonprofit form an advisory council. This was one of the recommendations that emerged from an organizational and development assessment that we conducted. Now, we are working with the executive director to implement the recommendations. But, starting an advisory council is … [Read more...]

Leadership Roles in the Development Function

The heart and soul of any nonprofit enterprise is in the development function. Through the work that volunteer leaders and staff do in development, all the relationships—each and every one—of the organization are managed. This article outlines how the roles and responsibilities of the development … [Read more...]

Lessons From the Results of the Nonprofit Feasibility Study: A Case Study

Last summer, I helped conduct a feasibility study for a nonprofit.  The study was geared toward understanding whether this community was willing to invest in a new building, programmatic improvements and a much needed endowment fund.  We presented the results and the answers were mixed.  The … [Read more...]