Interview Questions Explained by A Nonprofit Executive Search Firm

As a nonprofit executive search firm, we work with many executive directors and board members to find the ideal candidate for their organizations.  We guide them on how to create a process designed to attract the best candidates, review potential candidates, understand best practices for interviews … [Read more...]

Analyzing your Nonprofit Before Your Next Hire

In this column, I have previously talked about organizational and development assessments as a tool to understand your development skills or prior to a capital campaign, but recently we have employed this type of assessment at the beginning of an executive search. Why? We use this tool when … [Read more...]

Could A 55-year Old Development Professional Save Your Nonprofit?

Are you biased against hiring older employees? More and more reports have been surfacing about disadvantages in the workplace – many unintended by employers. But what if the answer to the problem at nonprofits is not only in creating awareness, but in creating long-term vision. Awareness From … [Read more...]

Donor Acquisition – Ways To Acquire New Donors, Staff Turnover and Resources

In week 10 of 100 Donors in 90 Days, Ken Burnett shares his expertise in Donor Acquisition. His early days included helping innovate Greenpeace’s now standard use of young people encouraging other people to give in public places. Since then, he has written books and helped many organizations … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Retain Fundraising and Development Staff and Reduce Turnover

Regular readers of my articles know that I am a firm believer that reducing turnover and focusing on how to retain fundraising and development staff is one of the best investments your nonprofit can make. The amount of money and time lost during a lame duck employee’s remaining tenure, interviewing … [Read more...]

A New Year – A New Chance to Make Staff Happy

Looking back at the past year of articles, we have focused on many of the human resources that nonprofits rely on to thrive.  We have suggested ways that boards can improve themselves, offered ideas for staff self-improvement and encouraged volunteer acknowledgement and growth opportunities.  In the … [Read more...]

Nonprofit Executive Director Skills

Two weeks ago we challenged you to look at your skills and knowledge to consider what areas were in need of improvement.  But what if you are unsure what areas you should consider. In other words, do you know what you don’t know? Well consider these areas for one of the more commonly held … [Read more...]

Hiring a Volunteer

The concept of “hiring” a volunteer has become increasingly relevant. A wide variety of organizations have “employed” volunteers for years in obvious ways – working at a hospital gift shop or helping with lunch duty at a school (I do this once a month). But pushing the concept a bit further, … [Read more...]

Perfect Candidates

Executive search is like many other aspects of our society from painting the interior of your home to preparing, cooking and serving a five-course dinner. It’s not that amateurs cannot do it themselves, but without extensive experience, it will take longer, there will be more mistakes learning the … [Read more...]

Hiring A Development Consultant Sooner Rather Than Later

If you have been following the past few years of Resources: The MJA Newsletter, you will know that campaigns start long before the first ask.  But, before you go at it alone consider the following thoughts. Nonprofit development consultants can be hired at a variety of stages in a … [Read more...]