Fundraising in the Current Economic Climate – Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

As I travel around the country—and as individuals from around the country come to campus—it has become increasingly clear that, as far as fundraising and development is concerned, we live in interesting times. About a year ago, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached bottom. Fifteen months ago, … [Read more...]

Putting A Positive Spin On Your Fundraising Effort

Quick quiz – would you, as a donor, prefer to have money you donate this month help an organization thrive or survive in 2010?   If you are like most donors – the answer is thrive.  Then, why do so many organizations use the desperate measures pitch year after year? In many cases, it is seen as a … [Read more...]

Writing a Check (Sitting On The Other Side Of The Envelope)

Yes, I know that this article is being read, primarily, by people who will spend the next two months awaiting envelopes with other people’s money. But, I think it is worth saying that philanthropy -- and the people and organizations that benefit from philanthropy-- only works when people like you … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Help Your Nonprofit Weather Economic Uncertainty

Yes, these are financially volatile times, but nonprofits must still deliver services, raise funds and fulfill their missions. Here are five ways to ensure your organization’s financial stability. 1. Basic money management is more essential than ever. Raising money, whether for annual or capital … [Read more...]

Is It Time To Realign? by Jon Firger

  For those of us living in the North, there are a series of rites we practice each year. After a cold winter, we emerge in spring to consider the potholes and frost heaves that wreak havoc on our vehicles. If you are like me, you soon become aware that your car no longer continues in a … [Read more...]

Why You Can’t Afford Not To Hire Me

The other day, as David Mersky and I were walking out of a new business meeting, he asked me how I thought it went. I said the organization desperately needs us, but I can't see how someone with less than a $1,000,000 annual budget will justify consultant fees to their board. We know we can increase … [Read more...]

Increasing the Annual Fund

When you create your annual budget, there may be a shortfall between what you need to exist and what you currently earn. Organizations handle this differently than you and me. For example, I was recently talking to a client who said the Executive Director, when creating the budget, simply … [Read more...]

Hiring A Development Consultant Sooner Rather Than Later

If you have been following the past few years of Resources: The MJA Newsletter, you will know that campaigns start long before the first ask.  But, before you go at it alone consider the following thoughts. Nonprofit development consultants can be hired at a variety of stages in a … [Read more...]

10 Excuses to Call a Prospect/Donor

If you were asked to call a donor with whom you have yet to form a relationship – how many excuses could you find not to make the calls?  Ignore those, and instead, consider these ten reasons you can use to make the call feel more organic (read: comfortable). The end of the year call. I know … [Read more...]

The Appeal vs. The Annual fund

Do you consider your annual appeal your annual fund? Before we get into the substance of the article, you should note that while the example given is for a synagogue, the same case could be made for the fundraising plans at any kind of membership-based organization that have ad-hoc appeals … [Read more...]