How Nonprofits Create a Connection with Donors

Recently, Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin fame, posted an article on why birthdays are such easy connectors between people across countries, religion, age, politics, race, etc. With only a few exceptions, saying it’s your birthday (or someone else’s) will elicit a similar response, “Happy Birthday!” … [Read more...]

The Key to Any Successful Fundraising Campaign

by Dr. Kerry M. Olitzky There is no obligatory giving Following World War II, as families moved out of urban centers and into the suburbs, they continued to support non-profit institutions, especially synagogues, out of a sense of obligation. Over the last decade, obligation diminished as a … [Read more...]

Make Your Nonprofit Stand Out Through Stewardship

Anyone who has worked in fundraising and development for more than a minute has heard the term stewardship. What we have learned during speaking engagements, webinars, and while working with clients is that the way to translate the idea of stewardship into the reality of a nonprofit environment is … [Read more...]

Does Your Nonprofit Want a Stronger Annual Fund or a Larger Endowment?

I have not seen your specific nonprofit’s budget, annual fundraising efforts, and/or donor lists for the past five years, but I have seen many other organizations’ documents in my work as a nonprofit consultant. The desire to have a stronger annual giving program or a larger endowment fund usually … [Read more...]

Seven + Ways To Thank A Donor

What is the difference between organizations that acknowledge and recognize a donor once or twice after a major gift vs. seven times or more? Thousands and thousands of dollars. Before you say that you don’t have the time to thank a donor seven times, please know that we do not mean that you, … [Read more...]

The Nonprofit Thank-a-thon

As a board member and fundraising committee representative, I was recently asked to explain a nonprofit thank-a-thon at a board meeting.  To me, it seems kind of obvious.  But I live in the development world. What it is Put simply, a nonprofit thank-a-thon offers board members a way to thank … [Read more...]

Why Thank You Notes To Donors Matter More Than You Thought

The Donor Retention Project - Week 6: Thank You Notes To Donors As I listened to the beginning of week 6 in The Donor Retention Project I quickly learned tips and tricks for improving my nonprofit thank you note writing skills.  But, I’ll admit that my initial reaction was surprise.  Really?  A … [Read more...]

MJA Challenge: Fundraising skills

This week’s challenge is actually pulled from a recent article on fundraising skills (click here to read it). Fundraising Skills Challenge: List 3 ways in which you can improve donor loyalty this fall. Then, describe how you can follow through and who, if anyone, will need to be engaged to … [Read more...]

Cultivate and Recruit New Board Members

As I wrote last month in Criteria for Board Member Candidate Consideration, “every board member should play an important role in introducing prospective board members to the nonprofit.”  Once a prospective leader for your nonprofit has been identified, and, if after reviewing a completed Prospective … [Read more...]

Do Your Donors Consider Themselves Members or Contributors?

For many organizations, membership comes with a defined set of benefits.  But if you consider last week’s challenge about keeping language inclusive (Challenge: Is Your Nonprofit Inclusive or Exclusive?), maybe you should be helping your contributors feel like members of your community – even if … [Read more...]