The Nonprofit Thank-a-thon

As a board member and fundraising committee representative, I was recently asked to explain a nonprofit thank-a-thon at a board meeting.  To me, it seems kind of obvious.  But I live in the development world. What it is Put simply, a nonprofit thank-a-thon offers board members a way to thank … [Read more...]

Attracting Donations from Millenials

A few weeks ago there was an article in The Chronicle of Philanthropy titled, “75% of Young Donors Turned Off by Out-of-Date Web Sites.” Interestingly enough, this generation of twenty- and thirty-somethings want to see the same things that everyone wants to see: success stories, good news about the … [Read more...]

Creating the Major Gifts Plan—Be Disciplined to Succeed

Major Gifts - Beyond the Solicitation Series - Part 2 The annual fund is the foundation of every great development program.  It provides an opportunity to identify, interest, involve, engage and acknowledge generous donors.  A thoughtful approach to creating the major gifts plan, of communication … [Read more...]

Pass It On Packets

I just finished listening to week 9 of 100 Donors in 90 Days.  This week, was a conversation with Pamela Grow of Simple Development Systems.  While she provided tips on success with donor surveys, monthly giving programs, testimonials and grant writing, I want to highlight her Pass It On … [Read more...]

Planning an Individualized, “Foreground” Cultivation Process, Part II

As you continue the planning that is vital for the individualized cultivation process, keep the following in mind: Have two representatives of the organization present so that they can take turns speaking about the organization. While one is speaking, the other can listen and observe the … [Read more...]

Planning an Individualized “Foreground” Cultivation Process, Part I

Last month, I introduced the concept of cultivation and recruitment of prospective candidates for leadership of your agency.  The two key concepts were to plan carefully and to create a series of “background” moves to engage all prospects as a group.  This month, I will focus upon the “foreground … [Read more...]

Cultivate and Recruit New Board Members

As I wrote last month in Criteria for Board Member Candidate Consideration, “every board member should play an important role in introducing prospective board members to the nonprofit.”  Once a prospective leader for your nonprofit has been identified, and, if after reviewing a completed Prospective … [Read more...]

Challenge: Major Gifts Moves Management

Last week we published a Major Gifts Moves Management Field Guide.  This week, we challenge you to pick 3 donors or prospects on your list with potential for growth.  Create a full year of moves for each individual or couple.  Use the Field Guide to help with provide suggestions.  Remember to track … [Read more...]

Be Positive – Scaring Donors Only Makes Donors Scarce

Giving is down.   That could have been the headline in any number of papers over the past month, year, even two years.   The 2009 numbers that were issued by Giving USA state that while individual donations remained level last year, bequests and foundation giving was down.  The estimates are that … [Read more...]

Putting A Positive Spin On Your Fundraising Effort

Quick quiz – would you, as a donor, prefer to have money you donate this month help an organization thrive or survive in 2010?   If you are like most donors – the answer is thrive.  Then, why do so many organizations use the desperate measures pitch year after year? In many cases, it is seen as a … [Read more...]